Original Dream World Review - UK's Ravenheart Music

I have beautiful things to tell you, the pristine pop-rock debut from knee wobblingly gorgeous singer, songwriter and guitarist Dina D'Alessandro and her band, all the way from the City of the Angels (she has released two solo CD's, but this is her first as Beautiful Things). The first thing that strikes you is the sheer quality of her song writing, she sounds like an established successful artist, such as Natalie Imbruglia, Dido, Alanis Morissette, and Sheryl Crow. The album starts with three stonewall classic pop-rock songs 'Wonder Why', 'Hey Hey Hey' and 'Good To Me' that ask for, no I'll rephrase that, demand radio play, they are so catchy they stick like a limpet to your cranium, and won't let go. She picks up the pace with the only cover; a version of Flock of Seagull's (remember the hair style!) 'Space Age Love Song' which Dina makes her own, turning it into a cross between U2 and Simple Minds. The album continues in a similar vein with next three numbers, the moody driving 'Back to Me Again', the awesome 'Astronaut', and the toe tapping rocker 'Everything'. Dina takes it down a touch for the next couple of tunes, The Band like Americana of title track 'Dream World' with it's psychedelic pump organ, and the mellow, atmospheric 'When the Night Comes Down', with Dina's The Edge style reverb laden guitar work. Finally we end on an upbeat but bittersweet note with the infectious 'I Was Only Dreaming'. Forty minutes of pure pop-rock heaven, songs that will sound as good live as on the radio, a delightful pure voice, and a look that can stop traffic, Dina has all the ingredients for a massive future, so why not enter her Dream World. 9/10

~ Phil Woolridge


Original Dream World Review - Norway's Melodichardrocktoday.tk

Beautiful Things is a new name for me, and fronted by lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Dina D'Alessandro, they have really managed to make a very good album. Musically Beautiful Things moves in a landscape of music from Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, classic pop/ rock with main focus on rock. What impresses me with this release is that it sounds to the fingertips very professional with great sound, strong songs, great musicians and after few rounds in the player there is no doubt about that Dina D'Alessandro is a good singer and songwriter. Dina released two solo albums earlier, and this is the debut from her with Beautiful Things, and I am not afraid to say that this can be compared with other big known artists around the world with high quality songs, and a good strong voice. Wonder Why opens the album, I like the mystic sounds in the start before the classic guitar and Dina'voice comes in. A laid back rock song with a moody melody and style. The chorus lines is addictive and I like the instrumentation with the tight bass and I also like the guitar details. Hey Hey Hey is the next tune. A radio friendly rock song with a chorus that glues immediately!! I like the little instrumental part in this and the vocals is very strong. Good To Me opens soft with acoustic guitar and Dina's nice voice. The song crackles with real life when the rest of the band enters, a good driving rock song with a strong melody. The bass playing is very good and the guitar work is very pleasing! Space Age Love Song reminded me partly about U2, is the way the song is built and also the guitars that give me this feeling. A great stadium rock song with a lot of cool details on the guitars and keys, and also the melody is very strong. Back To Me Again is a very catchy easy to like rock song of the finest mark, and why songs like this isn't being played on radio is a mystery for me! Astronaut opens with great space like sounds. A very good rock song and one of my favorite tunes on the album. This get stick very fast with a very nice melody and remembering chorus lines. Everything is a guitar driven rock song with a happy mood that makes you happy. The tapping nice rhythm, the vocals and the guitars is very entertaining to listen to, and I also like the choirs in this. Dream World is a bit different than the others with a more down in tempo, and an atmospheric cool mood, great organ in this and the fine vocals give the song the right ingredients! When The Night Comes Down is a little pearl of a song! It starts slow with a great vocal melody and fine guitar work. The song builds up a little throughout with more power before it slows down again at the end with nice instrumentation. I Was Only Dreaming is the last track, and like all the songs on this album, a very strong rock song with high quality. A very entertaining album for a wide public, and I recommend this for fans of really high quality rock, so check it out!! 97/100

~ Arne Asbølmo