Beautiful Things



Our EP of Re-Mixes is Coming Soon!

We're working feverishly on remixing some of our songs and will be releasing them on an EP soon. We're pretty excited about it! Be sure to sign up on our email list so you can be the first to know when it's ready.

Annual ARC Music Festival

Join ARC, Beautiful Things and some seriously fabulous musicians for an evening of traditional, original, and acoustic music performed under the stars!

Check out our new video for "I Will Follow!"

We made a video for our cover of U2's classic hit, "I Will Follow!"Check it out here!

We're Sponsoring a Race Car! How Cool is That?

Check it out!

Instagram! We're on Instagram! You should totally follow us.

Our Holiday Gift To You

Happy holidays, everyone! We would once again like to give you our version of the Italian Christmas carol Gesu Bambino composed by Pietro Yon in 1917. Even though it's a song that celebrates Christmas, we hope you enjoy it, whatever your beliefs.



Are you following us on Twitter yet?

Are you following us on Twitter yet?? (Hint: We think you should.)

Save The Date! Our Next Show is May 27th, and it's Free!

We'll be playing at this totally rad place on May 27th at 8:45pm:

Air Shepherd Fundraising Benefit

We were so thankful to be a part of the Air Shepherd fundraising benefit at LA Center Studios' Vortex Dome last Saturday night. 

New Pics by Saryn Christina Photography

Check out Saryn Christina's gorgeous new pics of Beautiful Things:

Our Lyrics Are Now on Pinterest!

Our lyrics are now on Pinterest! Be sure to follow us on there for more cool stuff:

The New Music Video For "Back to Me Again" is Now on Youtube

Click here to see the new music video for "Back to Me Again."

"Good to Me" Has Been Remixed