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Dream World (Revisited) Review: Happy Mag Australia


Dream World Revisited brings Beautiful Things’ front-woman Dina’s personal lyrics to new contemporary alt-rock life.

10 years ago, Beautiful Things front-woman Dina D’Alessandro recorded an EP entitled Dream World. Today their new record sees those songs re-recorded and reimagined into more electronic ethereal versions and the results are incredible!


The use of space in this record is a particularly clever, being manipulated to create tension or calm, keeping the listener in the palm of their hands. From the very first second in the title track Dream World the whole atmosphere is immediately set, and right away you’re in Dina’s dream.


For this album, Beautiful Things recruited a new keyboard player and pinched the bassist from Screams for Tina. Right away it is very clear this way a great decision; the bass is a hero in the record, and the keys are instrumental in creating the tension and atmosphere throughout.


Keeping us on our toes, Beautiful Things move straight to a more aggressive 80s alt-rock vibe with Hey Hey Hey, with Dina channelling her inner Dolores O’Riordan. This moves straight on to the more spacey feel and ‘bliss mix‘ of When the Night Comes Down, and Astronaut. The finale is quite a beautiful way to end the record, repeating the last track but acoustically.


Dina’s deeply personal lyrics set Dream World Revisited aside from other similar records by their intimacy. There are moments when it almost feels like we’re intruders reading her diary. This makes for a pretty cool relationship between the listener and this record.

If you have a spare 20 minutes this arvo, we definitely recommend you check this one out!

Dream World (Revisited) Review: LA Music Critic's Indie Voice Blog


Review:  On this beautiful reimagining of their debut 2009 album, which was just released yesterday, singer and songwriter Dina D’Alessandro aka Beautiful Things has been joined by former Screams for Tina bass player Grahame “Billy” Budd and keyboardist/guitarist Sean X.  This strange pairing has rerecorded D’Alessandro’s favorite songs from that album, breathing new life into them with a sound that is more electronic and contemporary than the original versions.  The album was engineered and produced by alternative rock legend Michael Rozon (Ministry), resulting in an album that is rich in  context, as the musical accompaniment elevates the vocals and lyrics to a new level.  You can’t go wrong with any of these five amazing tracks.


Recommendation:  This is a must-have for all true music lovers, and we guarantee that you will love these songs on the 100th listen as much as you do on the first one.

Interview With Dina - Happy Mag Australia

Beautiful Things run us through each track of their Dream World Revisited EP

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Beautiful Things released their Dream World Revisited EP, and for that entire time, we’ve had it spinning on repeat.

So, fresh off the EP’s release, we asked frontwoman Dina D’Alessandro for a complete track-by-track run-down:

Dream World (Sky Mix)

This is a song about betrayal and how it can change you. After it happens to you it’s like you were in a dream as far as your relationship with the betrayer was concerned. The harsh truth of your relationship comes at you quickly when the betrayal is revealed to you and it really stings. You lose your innocence and you’re never the same.

This ‘Sky Mix’ version came about because my band and I ended up making changes to the tempo, guitar pattern and sound fx of the original version to enhance its energy when we performed it live. We thought it would be great to record and release the song again in this new way.

Hey Hey Hey (Electric Mix)

I wrote this song about my experiences with the music industry, looking back to a time when I was much younger and more trusting. I let people guide me and represent me who didn’t have my best interests at heart – only their own. I learned so much from these experiences about human nature which ultimately strengthened me and made me a smarter, wiser person. I wanted this song to be empowering, hence the lyric “I won’t be a victim, no never again.” I’ve since chosen the people I surround myself within all areas of my life very carefully and have learned to trust my intuition. It’s made all the difference.

We were inspired to re-do this song from its original version because we thought it would sound great with more electronics and heavier guitars. Many of the ideas on this one came from our bass player Billy who spent lots of time in his studio experimenting with new sounds for it.

When the Night Comes Down (Bliss Mix)

This song is about overcoming anxiety and fear when making decisions about your life. I’ve had some dark times in my past where I was filled with anxiety about my future and my abilities and that attitude didn’t serve me well, nor does it serve anyone well. I had to learn to overcome fear and make bold decisions that ultimately improved my life. You can’t just stay in your comfort zone because then you will never grow.

I chose to do a remix of this song because I thought it would be a good contender to re-do with some new electronic soundscapes I had been experimenting with in my studio. I stripped the song to its skeleton and re-did it using these new sounds and then gave it to our bass player Billy who added his ideas.

Astronaut – Space Mix and Acoustic Mix

Astronaut is a song about the pressures I’ve been under to give up my ambitions and have a family and a traditional life. I get criticized about not having children a lot. People have told me I’m selfish for devoting my life to my art. Obviously, I’ve never agreed with these people. Everyone has their own path and purpose and it’s no one’s place to judge anyone. You never know what people have been through and why they’ve made the decisions they’ve made.

Our keyboard player Sean wanted to remix the original version because he had been inspired by some of the EDM he was listening to at the time. He gave us some unique and very creative stems to play with. I then took what he had done and added my ideas. Billy worked on some finishing touches.

The acoustic mix is pretty much exactly how we perform it live when we are playing an acoustic show. I thought it would be fun to include this version on the EP as well in the hopes that people might get a kick out of hearing the different versions of the same song.

All of these songs were mixed by a wonderful producer here in LA named Michael Rozon. He also contributed a lot to the vibes of each song during his mixing process.


Original Dream World Review - UK's Ravenheart Music

I have beautiful things to tell you, the pristine pop-rock debut from knee wobblingly gorgeous singer, songwriter and guitarist Dina D'Alessandro and her band, all the way from the City of the Angels (she has released two solo CD's, but this is her first as Beautiful Things). The first thing that strikes you is the sheer quality of her song writing, she sounds like an established successful artist, such as Natalie Imbruglia, Dido, Alanis Morissette, and Sheryl Crow. The album starts with three stonewall classic pop-rock songs 'Wonder Why', 'Hey Hey Hey' and 'Good To Me' that ask for, no I'll rephrase that, demand radio play, they are so catchy they stick like a limpet to your cranium, and won't let go. She picks up the pace with the only cover; a version of Flock of Seagull's (remember the hair style!) 'Space Age Love Song' which Dina makes her own, turning it into a cross between U2 and Simple Minds. The album continues in a similar vein with next three numbers, the moody driving 'Back to Me Again', the awesome 'Astronaut', and the toe tapping rocker 'Everything'. Dina takes it down a touch for the next couple of tunes, The Band like Americana of title track 'Dream World' with it's psychedelic pump organ, and the mellow, atmospheric 'When the Night Comes Down', with Dina's The Edge style reverb laden guitar work. Finally we end on an upbeat but bittersweet note with the infectious 'I Was Only Dreaming'. Forty minutes of pure pop-rock heaven, songs that will sound as good live as on the radio, a delightful pure voice, and a look that can stop traffic, Dina has all the ingredients for a massive future, so why not enter her Dream World. 9/10

Original Dream World Review - Norway's

Beautiful Things is a new name for me, and fronted by lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Dina D'Alessandro, they have really managed to make a very good album. Musically Beautiful Things moves in a landscape of music from Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, classic pop/ rock with main focus on rock. What impresses me with this release is that it sounds to the fingertips very professional with great sound, strong songs, great musicians and after few rounds in the player there is no doubt about that Dina D'Alessandro is a good singer and songwriter. Dina released two solo albums earlier, and this is the debut from her with Beautiful Things, and I am not afraid to say that this can be compared with other big known artists around the world with high quality songs, and a good strong voice. Wonder Why opens the album, I like the mystic sounds in the start before the classic guitar and Dina'voice comes in. A laid back rock song with a moody melody and style. The chorus lines is addictive and I like the instrumentation with the tight bass and I also like the guitar details. Hey Hey Hey is the next tune. A radio friendly rock song with a chorus that glues immediately!! I like the little instrumental part in this and the vocals is very strong. Good To Me opens soft with acoustic guitar and Dina's nice voice. The song crackles with real life when the rest of the band enters, a good driving rock song with a strong melody. The bass playing is very good and the guitar work is very pleasing! Space Age Love Song reminded me partly about U2, is the way the song is built and also the guitars that give me this feeling. A great stadium rock song with a lot of cool details on the guitars and keys, and also the melody is very strong. Back To Me Again is a very catchy easy to like rock song of the finest mark, and why songs like this isn't being played on radio is a mystery for me! Astronaut opens with great space like sounds. A very good rock song and one of my favorite tunes on the album. This get stick very fast with a very nice melody and remembering chorus lines. Everything is a guitar driven rock song with a happy mood that makes you happy. The tapping nice rhythm, the vocals and the guitars is very entertaining to listen to, and I also like the choirs in this. Dream World is a bit different than the others with a more down in tempo, and an atmospheric cool mood, great organ in this and the fine vocals give the song the right ingredients! When The Night Comes Down is a little pearl of a song! It starts slow with a great vocal melody and fine guitar work. The song builds up a little throughout with more power before it slows down again at the end with nice instrumentation. I Was Only Dreaming is the last track, and like all the songs on this album, a very strong rock song with high quality. A very entertaining album for a wide public, and I recommend this for fans of really high quality rock, so check it out!! 97/100